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Managed Phishing Simulations and Education Campaigns

With great advances in technical protections, organizations are more secure from Phishing schemes and cyberthreats than ever before. However, the weakest part of any security plan continues to be the human element.

In this email centric time we live in, sending fake emails to users to gain access and steal data is running rampant. It takes diligence to stop and prevent this type of security threat – it really is an external threat that is naively invited in by companies’ employees.

Regardless of how secure an environment is, human error can allow a threat actor to circumvent controls and gain access to data and systems. This often happens through phishing emails and can begin with something as simple as clicking a link in a suspicious email or downloading an attachment from an unknown source.

Email Phishing Scams

Therefore, training all your users is the best defense. A smart workforce takes some well-developed and strategic education. We provide specifically crafted phishing campaigns to determine which users are most susceptible to clicking on fraudulent email.

A dashboard helps track which users open, click, or input data into the fake emails we send out. Training sessions are pushed out to targeted users that educate them on how to better identify bogus emails and avoid compromises. The end result is a well-informed, front line of protection.

According to current research, 93% of all security breaches begin with some sort of social engineering attack. These attacks include phishing emails or texts, information gathering phone calls and the compromising of authorized credentials.

Cyber Attacks on the rise

Because employees are the core of any business, they will be the main target for cybercriminals. Making sure your people stay up to date with cybersecurity knowledge, and teaching them to recognize threats is imperative to the security of your business. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and so should your approach to defense.
92.4% of malware is delivered by email

Designed to protect against human error

Once a learning gap is detected, we’ll deliver interactive educational videos to the most susceptible users. This easy-to-understand, short, and visually engaging training videos include an online quiz to verify the employee’s retention of e-training content. Training can be delivered regularly, to reinforce the importance of every employee’s role in protecting your business.

90% of security breeches are caused by human error

What can I do to increase my security awareness?

The most successful way to increase security awareness and mitigate the human threat is to conduct frequent security training that covers a variety of topics. Rather than conduct an all-day training, which is not an effective approach to security, ProStratus has adopted a year-long strategy. Users receive monthly training videos, with accompanying quizzes, to ensure that cybersecurity is constantly at the forefront of users actions.

ProStratus provides quarterly (or more frequent if required) updates on security training performance of all users within an organization. This includes a reporting of all users and their success or failure of phishing tests.

Remedial training is provided for users who have failed phishing attempts as needed or as required by the client.

Phishing Simulations

Simulation & Security Awareness Training

Businesses Close Due To Ransomware

In 2019 the average Downtime due to ransomware was 7.3 days

But we're so small...

Ransomware is a big business now. These are organized and sometimes backed by a government. Think you are too small to be noticed? Think again! It is only a matter of time. Phishing attempts are the gateway of most attacks. Let’s make your employees the best tools to prevent this security breach.

Be The Third To Know

When your business information is stolen

Be the 3rd person to know

So, who are the first two?  Of course, the bad guys will know first.  Next, we’ll be on top of it before any real damage can occur.  Rest assured we have already fixed everything by the time we notify you.

Train And Phish!

Trained and aware employees are critical to securing an organization, and an effective, ongoing internal security awareness program can help reduce your company’s vulnerability, turning the “weakest link” in your cyber defenses into its greatest strength.

Security awareness training and phishing simulations go hand in hand. Phishing has become very sophisticated and almost undetectable, as criminals have found ways to make their emails as realistic as possible. Phishing simulations test employees on how they would respond to a real-life phishing attack. We can send these mock attacks at staggered times, avoiding the “prairie dog effect” where employees warn one another of the email, for the best measurement of all employees’ awareness. We’ll track which employees have clicked on a phishing email, who have given away their password and who have ignored the email.

What is a Phishing email?

Phishing emails are common attempts at compromising the credentials of users. These attempts can take many forms, here are some examples:

  • A free drink from a local coffee shop
  • An urgent request to verify login credentials
  • Requests from managers or C-level personnel to perform an action that is outside of the normal chain of command (ex., sending funds or performing executive actions)
  • A non-profit soliciting funds for a current crisis
  • An IT professional requesting credentials or elevated access

What topics are covered by Security Awareness Training?

ProStratus can customize Security Awareness Training to address the expectations and priorities of the client.

Our standard Security Awareness training includes many topics, these are examples of the core curriculum:

  • General Security Awareness
  • Passwords
  • Social Engineering Awareness
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Mobile Device Usage and Protection
  • Deepfakes and Targeted Phishing Attacks
  • Phishing Training and Awareness


Employees often use the same password for multiple services on the web, such as CRM, e-commerce sites, and social media. Proactive monitoring for stolen and compromised employee data on the dark web allows us to detect when a problem arises before a significant breach occurs.


It is not always disgruntled workers and corporate spies who are a threat. Often, it is the non-malicious, uninformed employee. Our easy-to-understand, short, and visually engaging training videos end with an online quiz to verify the employee’s retention of the training content.


We can send scheduled phishing campaigns, including customized messages to fit each group or department, at random times during a specified period. With an ever-changing threat, it is crucial that your employees are exposed to all the latest phishing traps set by criminals.


Your regular Security Threat Report will demonstrate the overall cybersecurity posture of your organization, to include dark web credential compromises combined with employee phishing and training campaign results.

Why you need an integrated ongoing program

  • Cyber-attacks are on the rise, particularly among small and mid-sized businesses
  • You may have the most current and most reliable security systems in place, but this will be a wasted investment if you don’t also train and test your staff
  • Threats are ever-evolving and become more sophisticated and harder to detect. Regular training on the latest criminal tactics will help mitigate risk
  • Your employees are your first and primary line of defense against online crime. Equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves – and your business – from criminal elements

How can I protect my organization
from phishing and social engineering?

No organization can be protected entirely from phishing and social engineering. Threat actors depend on a sense of urgency and dire consequences for not responding to generate emotions in the victim. This is very effective in getting users to fall for this scheme.

The best way to protect against this is to educate users on red flags of phishing emails and train users to stop, think and verify.

In addition to training videos, materials that highlight the most common mistakes and red flags that are indicators of a phishing email are key to provide additional resources to make a client more aware of and to prepare clients for such phishing attempts.

Under the guidance of ProStratus, change policies and procedures surrounding common social engineering tactics to provide a more robust and consistent response. This includes determining what information users are able to share about a client’s business process, such as disabling out of office memos and corporate structure.

What makes the ProStratus approach to Phishing more effective
in elevating Security Awareness?

ProStratus is the perfect meld of people and technology. We understand that each user is also a person that simply wants to do their job to the best of their ability. Our goal is to help each user feel safe in their work and to provide the training and resources necessary to do so in a secure environment.

The ProStratus training philosophy is to provide consistent and up-to-date information to users and clients in order to provide a heightened level of security awareness to prevent social engineering attacks from impacting business operations.

ProStratus recognizes that personnel are both an organization’s greatest strength and largest security threat. Our training is not about shame, but rather about educating users about security threats and providing adequate testing to give users the confidence and tools to resist phishing attempts.

ProStratus will work with each client to customize training to meet the needs of each client. We recognize that not all clients are the same and have different needs when it comes to Security Awareness and Phishing.

Is It SPAM Or Not?

Play Video about PS Phishing Emails

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