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Intrusion Detection

A Firewall Is No Longer Enough!

Active defense that is constantly on the alert

It is not simply enough to set defensive technical controls and hope

ProStratus believes that it is not simply enough to set defensive technical controls and hope that they are strong enough to keep your users and network secure. We believe in an active defense that is constantly on the alert and attempting to detect threats as they are happening or even before. 

Intrusion Detection

Just having a simple firewall and hoping that it is “good enough” is no longer a secure way to prevent unwanted individuals or traffic from penetrating your network.

Network Intrusion Detection

From the correct hardware to monitoring and alerting software, ProStratus will not only harden your network’s outer defense, but also ensure that threat actors that circumvent defense are identified and handled. 

ProStratus deploys a suite of tools and expert personnel to continuously monitor your network to look for a variety of potential attack indicators.

  • Frequent firewall intrusion attempts from known malicious IP addresses
  • Increased network traffic during unusual times
  • Increased spikes in network traffic from specific IP addresses
  • Increase unauthorized access attempts, including failed logins
Intrusion Detection Facts

Host Intrusion Detection

ProStratus does not just monitor the network edge and network traffic, but we also monitor intrusion attempts on specific end points and workstations.

Our end point protection suite provides a complex system of alerting and blocking that is highly customizable for each client.

This not only helps us to detect attacks from outside of the network that are geared toward specific end points. A common attack vector is to compromise a workstation within a network and use that workstation to conduct undetected attacks against all other machines.

However, the ProStratus approach allows us to protect workstations from each other. This helps us stop attacks from jumping from one workstation to another, in the even that a workstation is compromised.

Why do I need Intrusion Detection?

No network can be 100% secure. Attackers are consistently developing new methods to compromise defenses and individuals in order to gain access to data, resources and systems. Having a detection system provides another line of defense to help prevent catastrophic consequences of an attack.

Having an active Intrusion Detection system that operates on multiple levels of the network will give advanced warning to help organizations mitigate threats before they become critical.

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