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Engineered Data & Cloud Solutions

IT Engineering Done Right

Partner with ProStratus to get things done faster.

Our IT Engineering Service is a co-managed service model that allows businesses to augment their current IT staff for increased bandwidth, to complete strategic projects, or to solve knowledge gaps.

Most IT departments are overworked and struggle to complete their current duties and objectives. Business leaders often must wait months or even years to implement innovative technology that will positively impact their business, customers, and employees. Our IT Engineering Services allow businesses to reduce implementation times and accomplish goals today, not tomorrow.

Increase Bandwidth

Most IT staff are already stressed out and overworked. Often techs and IT engineers find themselves reactive and addressing “the problem of the day” instead of having the time to implement new proactive solutions. There never seems there are enough hours in the day to complete all the assigned tasks.

Our IT Engineering services provide increased bandwidth and productivity without adding to your headcount and overhead. Outsource manual tasks and let ProStratus streamline your operations. Free up your IT staff, so they finally have the time to be proactive.

Strategic Projects

Executives are pushing for modern technologies to advance the business but often are forced to wait due to a lack of resources. Delayed projects can damage a business while competitors gain ground in the marketplace. Most strategic technology projects have a quick ROI that can immediately benefit a business.

Our IT Engineering service provides resources, solutions, expertise, and coordination to finally complete those projects. Imagine the benefit to the business by completing outstanding projects rapidly. IT Engineering services are quick and can be completed at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring additional staff.

Knowledge Gaps in IT Engineering

It is impossible to be an expert in everything. Even the best IT professionals will struggle in some area, or it will take a significant amount of time to get them up to speed. Training requirements will also take time and will reduce productivity in other areas.

ProStratus offers a wide array of experience in different disciplines of technology. We can eliminate knowledge gaps and provide the expertise to complete tasks and projects quickly. We have several off-the-shelf projects that we complete every week, so we know how to streamline the process and get things done.

IT Engineering For Business

Patch Management

We offer the best-in-class tools along with the management to support patching.

Our dedicated staff are meticulously monitoring and managing your patching to keep you compliant, secure, and safe.

Patching 101

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services are a great way for businesses to save money on hardware, storage and software applications and provide the ability to work anywhere, anytime across a variety of Internet-connected devices.

Data Centers

We are Data Center Experts with 60+ years of combined experience. We design solutions based on your needs and goals. 

With ProStratus End to End services we plan the installation, procure the hardware, manage the software, install and configure everything and manage your data post delivery. 

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Our Client Said...

Today was the first time I had Megan as an IT specialist. She did a great job. Great phone voice. Calm nature. She was able to successfully assist in unlocking my system while setting me up to handle it myself moving forward.
Patton Insurance

Colo Data Centers

We will design a solution that is right for your business using the best of all worlds by utilizing a combination of our physical data center, partner data centers and the cloud.

IT Automation

Automation for large and enterprise migrations and implementations is key for successful projects as it reduces human resources, manual errors, and timeline. Most importantly, automation reduces the impact on the end-users, which lowers business interruption.
IT Engineering Automation

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Is Outsourcing IT right for you?

ProStratus will help you carefully evaluate if outsourcing your IT is the right business decision. Sometimes it is a no-brainer, other times it’s a toss-up. Contact Us today to Schedule your Free Consultation. You will speak with a technical expert, not a sales rep. Our Services Sell Themselves.

We are in the business of transforming companies – we can’t wait to help you transform yours!

What Is MSP For Small Business

For small businesses the MSP is their primary support provider and may be augmented by an office manager or other technical staff member. Larger enterprises might supplement their existing IT staff for specific services, like cloud computing or managed security. Managed Services Providers can provide solutions at a lower cost and or provide technical expertise that may be lacking with their existing staff.

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We are a dedicated team of technology professionals

IT Engineering

With 60+ years of combined IT Engineering experience ProStratus will play the key role in designing and implementing your most technically challenging projects

IT Security

Keeping Appliances, Staff and Clients up to date and aware of the latest trends in threats and protection is part of the ProStratus IT Security umbrella

IT For Business

Matching businesses with the right technology is a ProStratus Key Strength. We're committed to finding the right solutions for your IT goals