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Smart Workflows

Avoid costly mistakes and errors

Smart Workflows


Working Smarter Not Harder

Save Time - Reduce Errors

Make employees more productive - increase job satisfaction

Smart Workflows turn manual processes into automated actions to save time, resources, and to reduce errors.

Businesses change and so do smart workflows. Stop wasting time waiting for email responses or scheduling meetings to complete tasks that should take seconds instead of hours.

Make employees more productive and increase job satisfaction by eliminating manual tasks with Smart Workflows.

Automate Information Processing with Smart Workflows

Smart Workflows are automated routines that process information and tasks without an employee having to remember to complete the task.

Avoid costly mistakes and errors by programming your system to complete the work. Smart Workflows can collect data and automatically send it where it needs to go. Smart Workflows are perfect for reminders, coordination, and process flow. Just one action to start an automated process could complete dozens of tasks that were previously done manually – saving time and resources.

Smart Workflow examples:

  • New employee onboarding

  • New customer onboarding

  • Training Tracker

  • Approval requests

  • Travel request approvals

  • Auto approve open shift requests

  • Calendar Management

  • Update spreadsheet with form submission data

  • Add Teams channels

  • Create a Planner task when a form is submitted

  • Save all email attachments to SharePoint

  • Save signed documents in SharePoint

  • Auto follow-up on emails

  • Schedule a meeting from a message

  • Push notification on critical emails

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