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We Elevate IT In Education

Together let's build the IT Education Solution that's Right for your School

Helping schools further enhance their technology to create smart, secure and efficient classrooms.

Education and technology, two things that believe it or not, go hand in hand. ProStratus is a trusted, experienced education IT services provider. We know the challenges you face and work hard to provide you with budget-friendly, reliable solutions.

From network security to increased enrollment, ProStratus can provide a plan and solutions no matter where you are in your journey. In helping you utilize your technology to its fullest, classrooms can run more efficiently and nagging tech issues are a thing of the past.

The ProStratus education difference

Our goal is simple – to help you focus on what matters most, while providing valued advice when you need it. With over 50 years of combined experience, we possess a variety of knowledge and the resources that enable schools to quickly meet needs, keep their students safe, while proactively planning for the future.

With our experience in the market, we can help you identify new funding sources, grow your student body and identify ways to help keep you ahead of the tech curve. Whether you are looking to improve campus safety or find a way to live stream athletic events, we can help make your goals reality.

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Technology Solutions – Can’t Get There From Here?

Without an education technology plan, you’re lost and most likely running to manage crisis after crisis. Successful IT solutions for schools start with a solid plan that provides a road map for the future. We have numerous success stories working with a school’s district to develop and implement technology plans to achieve their school’s objectives.

Let us show you what works and what does not. Our standard methodology includes creating a 3-year education technology plan with annual updates. Each plan is carefully generated based on the unique goals and objectives for each private school and the school district.

Let’s Work The Budget You Have And Generate The One You Don’t

Maximizing your current IT budget and infrastructure resources are critical to your success. Sure, it would be easier to rip out everything and start over, but that is not practical for schools with limited budgets. We are experts at bridging legacy resources with future investments. We understand budgets and limited funds must efficiently be distributed to provide what is practical, cost effective and beneficial to the staff and students.

Let’s collaborate to increase your budget using grants, programs, campaigns, buying groups, educational discounts and other funding sources. Since we work in this space, we understand how schools are funded and can help capture additional resources that are available.

Outcome examples of creative education budgeting

  • New production equipment to support fine arts

  • IP Intercoms for classroom security

  • Security Cameras

  • Streaming of live events – plays, science fair, sports

  • New technology courses for students

  • Smart classroom devices

Our Partners in Education

Great Minds Think Alike

Your mission is our mission

We believe in your endeavor. We are dedicated to helping students succeed in life. Creating our future leaders for the next generation is your role. Managing technology is not. Let us do our part by providing the technology so your staff can focus on the instruction and education. This is more than work for us, it’s our mission, it’s our calling.

Education technology in the classroom

Wouldn’t it be great if teachers could focus on providing the best learning experiences without consistent glitches? Technology is great when it works! Teachers have limited time, and it is certainly not productive having them troubleshoot technology in the classroom or wait around until the issue is fixed. For us, technology is in the background and learning is real time.

ProStratus makes reliable IT services for schools a reality . It takes some careful planning and creative solutions, but we answer the call when teachers say “I just want it to work”.

Leading by example and generating hope for future generations

Leader in Private Education Technology


- Physical Threats
- Protect students Private
Data and Networks

1:1 Technology

- Planning & Deployment

- iPads Laptops & Chromebooks

Tech in the Classroom

- Advanced Learning

- Smartboards & Training

- Applications

- Learning Management Systems

Dedication to positive outcomes

ProStratus will work with you every step of the way from assessing your technology needs, leveraging your current technology investments to gain more value all the way through to training and deployment of assets to benefit students, teachers and the your school as a whole.

Experience in education matters

Our extensive experience in consolidating and streamlining technology infrastructures to provide reliable scalable services and solutions throughout your institution will save time and money.

We will assist with your budgeting to maximize ROI and create a 3 year technology road map that is clearly defined.

Last but not least our training is second to none and our highly skilled and credentialed staff are available to assist you 24/ 7/ 365.

Remote Learning

- Conference/ Meeting Solutions
- Event Streaming
- Classroom Management Tools
- Close Equity Gaps

IT Managed Services

- Staff augmentation
- Help Desk support
- On-site support
- Remote monitoring

Technology Planning

- 3 Year Technology Plan
- New Funding Sources
- Educational Discounts
- Budget Management

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ProStratus will help you carefully evaluate if outsourcing your IT is the right business decision. Sometimes it is a no-brainer, other times it’s a toss-up. Contact Us today to Schedule your Free Consultation. You will speak with a technical expert, not a sales rep. Our Services Sell Themselves.

We are in the business of transforming companies – we can’t wait to help you transform yours!

What Is MSP For Small Business

For small businesses the MSP is their primary support provider and may be augmented by an office manager or other technical staff member. Larger enterprises might supplement their existing IT staff for specific services, like cloud computing or managed security. Managed Services Providers can provide solutions at a lower cost and or provide technical expertise that may be lacking with their existing staff.


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