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A Managed IT Service Provider, aka MSP, is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes looking to outsource some or all of their IT support. The growth of the MSP industry has been fueled by the adoption of cloud-based services, which has enabled businesses to rely on external IT support instead of dedicated in-house staff. MSPs provide day-to-day technology management and support, freeing up businesses to focus on their core operations.

Managed IT Services

A Managed IT Service Provider is your outsourced professional IT support, management and maintenance, including monitoring and maintaining network infrastructure, providing technical support, managed cybersecurity and data backups and recovery.

Emergency Services

If you are having a technology crisis right now we are here to help.

Our highly trained and skilled team members are here to  provide emergency assistance 24/7/365

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Here at ProStratus we are available to assist you when you’re ready.

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Managed IT Security

No one can be an expert in everything, especially when it comes to security. Security cuts through every IT discipline from workstations to firewalls.

Most clients just don’t have the bandwidth to manage security in order to stay in front of the bad guys out there. The playing field is always moving, stealing data and credential is a huge business. Consider a Managed IT Service Provider to protect your business, clients and data today.

Cloud Solutions

Backups, Colo, VoIP and more. See how we can put the cloud to work for you

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IT Engineering

Average IT Engineering departments are overworked and struggle to complete their current duties and objectives. Business leaders often must wait months or even years to implement innovative technology that will positively impact their business, customers, and employees.

Our IT Engineering Services allows businesses to reduce implementation times and accomplish goals today, not tomorrow.


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IT For Business - Automation

IT For Business

Successful businesses understand technology is an investment which increases the value of their company. Business Technology is not an expense that should be reduced to the lowest cost. It should be leveraged to increase innovation, productivity, and minimize risk.

ProStratus focuses on our client’s business first, and their business technology second. Business objectives should drive business IT decisions.

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IT Experience

Implementing advanced IT systems and automation in Manufacturing, HIPAA compliance, electronic medical records and improving data security, Helping Enterprise optimize operations and increase productivity, Deploying technology-based learning tools and systems for Education, Improving efficiency and competitiveness leveraging technology for SMBs

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IT Engineering

With 60+ years of combined IT Engineering experience ProStratus will play the key role in designing and implementing your most technically challenging projects

IT Security

Keeping Appliances, Staff and Clients up to date and aware of the latest trends in threats and protection is part of the ProStratus IT Security umbrella

IT For Business

Matching businesses with the right technology is a ProStratus Key Strength. We're committed to finding the right solutions for your IT goals