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Firewall Management

Fist Line Cyber Defense

Firewalls can often be complex - Attackers know this

Firewall management is critical in providing an elevated defense against threat actors

Firewall Management

Your organizational firewall is most often the first line of defense against external threats. Without a properly configured firewall, threat actors will be able to circumvent the boundaries of your network and be able to gain easy access to workstations and other network devices. 

As part of the ProStratus defense-in-depth approach to security, firewall management is critical in providing an elevated defense against threat actors that are seeking to gain unauthorized access to organizational resources.

I already have a firewall why do I need ProStratus to manage it?

Just because a firewall exists does not mean that it is configured or monitored correctly in order to ensure that only authorized traffic can come through. Firewalls can often be complex, and attackers know how to exploit misconfigurations. We will help you to establish your firewall to be a strict gatekeeper through a variety of controls. ProStratus will test your configurations to make sure that threats are reduced but productivity is not impacted.

FAQs On Firewall Management

Once the rules are set why does the firewall need to be managed?

Organizations change and so do threats. This requires a vigilant attitude toward firewall changes and keeping policies and procedures up to date. This type of management is often very specific in order to provide the highest level of security on the most granular of levels. Using audit and change logs, ProStratus will consistently analyze firewall rules for relevance and effectiveness.


Why is the ProStratus approach better for Firewall Management?

First, ProStratus brings an attention to detail that is unparalleled. Through various automated alerts, audits and performance checks, we are able to discern what data is important and what is simply noise. This data driven decision making helps us to not only be responsive to organizational needs, but also to keep up to date on emerging threats.

Second, ProStratus has adopted a denial by exception approach to incoming traffic. This begins by blocking all traffic into the network and then introducing policies to identify which traffic is relevant for the organization. As configurations are set, this allows ProStratus to easily determine which traffic and what devices are authorized and which are not.

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