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Endpoint Protection

Antivirus is no longer enough!

ProStratus provides centralized management of each endpoint

Content and traffic filtering - Personal firewalls

Using a simple antivirus is no longer enough with sophisticated attackers and threat vectors. It is now very easy to circumvent traditional, low-level protections.

ProStratus offers a robust endpoint Protection strategy that not only fits into our defense-in-depth philosophy, but also provides clients with the most advanced protections for each workstation and all servers in the client’s environment. 

Endpoint Security

Personal firewalls are a key component to the ProStratus protection strategy. This allows for individual users to operate and work from behind an extra layer of protection. Firewalls can be configured specifically for certain roles and responsibilities. 

Endpoint protection not only provides content and traffic filtering it also offers robust protection against unwanted intrusions. Our advanced techniques detect potential threats and block them from accessing your systems and sensitive data, ensuring the highest level of security for your organization.

ProStratus offers centralized management for all endpoints within an organization’s network making it easier to respond to issues quickly and effectively. Our solution ensures that all virus definitions, traffic restrictions, and known threats are monitored and taken into account, providing comprehensive protection for your organization. By centralizing endpoint management, you can rest assured that your network is always secure and protected from potential threats.

What is Endpoint Protection?

ProStratus offers a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to securing each endpoint within a client’s network. Our solutions goes beyond traditional antivirus protection and provides a variety of features to prevent infiltration attempts at the device level. This approach ensures that each workstation and servers in the client’s environment are thoroughly protected.

Know More About Endpoint Services

Does Endpoint Protection help to secure email?

At ProStratus, we understand the necessary vulnerability of email. Our endpoint Protection strategy includes the implementation of an email sandbox to ensure that emails do not contain malware.

This sandbox will analyze any attachment that is attempted to be opened by the user by removing it from the system and running scans for viruses and other malicious software. Once this is done, if the file is clean, it will be able to be opened by the user without worry. 

If the file DOES contain malicious software, it will be permanently removed from the system without the user having the opportunity to open it.


Is Endpoint Protection really necessary?

Typical anti-virus software is sufficient for a home computer. But in an enterprise environment, the threats are higher. There are software packages that are designed to circumvent consumer anti-virus systems in order to infect organizational environments. This is far too risky for any organization, of any size. 

Endpoint protection is more than just antivirus. It offers another layer of protection that makes it much more difficult for threat actors to compromise data, credentials or any other sort of sensitive information.

Endpoint protection is also a tool that allows for the mitigation of the human element, as firewalls and restrictions can be put in place to deter risky and dangerous behavior, whether that behavior be on purpose or inadvertent.

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