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IT Security


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Managed IT Security Today

We manage your IT security so you don’t have to.

Protect your business with our active intrusion detection.

Dark Web Scan – What you don’t know can hurt you and be sold around the world. Do you know if your business information has been compromised?

What are managed IT security services?

Gone are the days where small businesses could hide like a needle in a haystack. Piracy, digital theft, and the dark web marketplace are big business, and small businesses are easy targets.

Think you are safe because you have a firewall or a tool with intrusion detection? Not enough. Not even close. Recently, we spun up a cloud server, and we were getting penetration tests from outside forces within 20 minutes.

IT Security Challenges

It’s tough to be an expert in everything, especially when it comes to security. Security cuts through every IT discipline from workstations to firewalls.

Most customers just don’t have the bandwidth to manage security in order to stay in front of the bad guys out there. The playing field is always moving, plus stealing data and credential is a huge business.

Competing against organized crime and rogue nations is daunting. You might have it solved today but tomorrow brings new challenges. It just takes one mistake, and you have a major security breach on your hands.

Top 5 IT Department Mistakes

What's the future of managed IT security?

The Future of MSSP

Since we have to stay one step ahead of the bad guys, it can be hard for us to answer that question with certainty. What works today will clearly not work tomorrow. What we do know is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will certainly have their place as we move forward.

Both AI and ML will monitor your operation, servers, networks’ traffic and get an understanding of what is normal and what is different. This type of monitoring makes it easier for your MSSP to identify potential threats after determining your established baseline pattern.

Proactive Intrusion Detection

Matching known threats to your local network environment is a critical line of defense. We subscribe to multiple threat sharing feeds including the Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) from Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This allows for the exchange of cyber threat indicators between the U.S. government and the private sector with seconds.

Malicious IP addresses or phishing email addresses can be shared at machine speed. Proactive intrusion detection means we are already looking for those specific threats before they hit your network.

Our utilizing multiple threat sharing feeds means we are in tune with the global pulse. In this fast changing global threat, rules-based managed firewalls or intrusion detection solutions just can’t offer the same real-time protection that our security package utilizes.

Outsource to Experts

Better to outsource your security solutions to group of security fanatics that have the experience, time, and expertise to manage this ever-changing landscape.

The best tools, procedures, monitoring, and detection can be implemented for the most up-to-date protection which will allow your team to work on more strategic initiatives. Think of it as an extension of your existing staff. You now have a team of security experts working hard for your business to ensure you are protected.

Remote IT From Anywhere To Anywhere

Managed IT Security Services

IT Defense In Depth

An IT Security Primer

IT Security has become a complicated part of securing your businesses data, your customer data, workstations, servers and mobile devices.

Managed IT Security allows your small business, organization or enterprise to outsource this part of your critical business technology infrastructure for less than having in house staff.

IT Security
Endpoint Security

Endpoint Protection

ProStratus offers a robust endpoint Protection strategy that not only fits into our defense-in-depth philosophy, but also provides clients with the most advanced protections for each workstation and server in the client’s environment.

Security Tools

Managed IT Security
Because Standard Tools Don’t Really Work

From our Network Operations Center (NOC) ProStratus manages everything from Active Intrusion Detection to Patching networks and workstations. Using the most advanced tools our highly trained and experienced staff are always monitoring our clients systems allowing us to be proactive if there is an event preventing problems before they occur.

Active Intrusion Detection

- Cyber Security

- Live monitoring 24/7

- Detection and Monitoring

- Analyze threats in real time

Security NOC

- Network Operation Center

- Certified IT Security Professionals

- 24/7 Security Monitoring

Dark Web

- Monitoring stolen credentials

- Immediate threat notification

- Protect confidential customer records


- Automatic patching of servers

- Automatic patching of workstations

- Security updates

- Firewall management

Security Tools

- Web Filtering

- Virus Protection

- Malware, Spam, Spyware Protection

- Automatic updates

Security Assessments

- Monthly security reports

- Password management

- Security risk score

- Vulnerabilities & Threats

- Action items and recommendations

Firewall Management

As part of the ProStratus defense-in-depth approach to security, firewall management is critical in providing an elevated defense against threat actors that are seeking to gain unauthorized access to organizational resources.

Firewall Management
Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

From the correct hardware to monitoring and alerting software, ProStratus will not only harden your network’s outer defense, but also ensure that threat actors that circumvent defense are identified and handled.

Traffic Analysis

We understand that in cybersecurity, the attacker has the advantage and only has to be successful once in order to cripple your organization. That is why we use traffic analysis as a part of our layered defense.

Network Traffic Analysis

Darkweb Facts

  • Monitoring stolen credentials
  • Immediate notification of threats
  • Protect confidential customer records

HIPAA Compliance

ProStratus has a team of compliance experts that will help to ensure that your organizations patient data is safe and that all of the legal requirements of HIPAA compliance are met. This often includes both technical controls for data security and procedurals reviews to verify that employee behavior is also inline with data safety and confidentiality.
HIPAA Compliance
nist compliance

NIST Compliance

The goal of NIST compliance is not to simply check off a box, but rather to increase resiliency to changing threats that have the capability of crippling an organization. Or even worse, forcing them out of business.

Our goal, at ProStratus, is to make sure that you are not the next target.

PEN Testing

No system is secure until it is tested for vulnerabilities. That is exactly what ProStratus does.

Commonly called PEN or penetration testing, this approach is an active attempt to breach an organization’s network with the intent to provide feedback on the vulnerabilities and develop a plan of action to “plug the holes.”

Managed IT Security
Email Phishing Scams

Phishing & Security

Regardless of how secure an environment is, human error can allow a threat actor to circumvent controls and gain access to data and systems. This often happens through phishing emails and can begin with something as simple as clicking a link.

Therefore, training all your users is the best defense.

Vulnerability Management

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly aware of the importance of vulnerability risk management. After all, if your company is hacked, it can result in lost revenue, stolen data, and a damaged reputation.
Vulnerability Management

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