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With 11 million unfilled job vacancies, employees are overworked and in short supply. Businesses struggle with staffing and employee burn out. Optimizing your employee’s time and production is the quintessential use of business automation technology. Using these technologies will increase employee bandwidth and frees up hours every week increasing job satisfaction.

Would your business improve having an extra 80+ hours per week? An incredible 45% of all normal work duties can potentially be automated. Manual tasks are repeated in your business over and over again. Sure, you may already have computers and software applications, but the process may still be manual.

How We Do It

Improve your process using the technology you already own

We focus on using the tools you already have and integrating them together

We provide a host of business automation solutions to improve your productivity and eliminate manual tasks. We specialize in integrating your different applications, so they share information and work together. Customer and production data in one application can be integrated with other databases, accounting systems, or CRM platforms to streamline data flow.

Improve your process using the technology you already own

You can certainly purchase yet another application to process a specific function, but eventually you will have a bunch of applications that do not work together. Every application requires administration, support, and training. We focus on using the tools you already have and integrating them together.

We understand that every business is different and uses custom workflows for their process. We analyze the current process and apply technology to automate the workflow. We have a library of over 40 automation solutions that can be applied for your custom solution.

What's Next?

Why Business Automation is the Key to Digital Transformation

Don't worry if you're not sure how business automation can help you.
We've got the information you need to lead your transformation.

ProStratus IT Experience

Business Automation - Did You Know...

Did you know that outdated technology could be costing your money? It’s estimated that businesses lose nearly two billion dollars each year due to lost productivity.

If you’re concerned that you could be exposed to risk or lost productivity then you need a Digital Transformation.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what Digital Transformation is or how Business Automation can help you. Keep reading, we’ve got the information and answers you need and explain how to Automate your Business Processes today.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Before we jump into the many benefits of tackling a digital transformation in your business, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. Unfortunately, too many people think that moving all their operations to the cloud counts as a digital transformation. And while that may be one part of your transformation it’s far from the whole picture.

A digital transformation means that you look at every process and step within your operations. Then you determine if there is a new and better way to complete it with improved technological advances. That might sound overwhelming so let’s unpack that a bit with an example. 

Let’s say you manage a manufacturing plant making widgets and you want to increase capacity on your manufacturing floor. You’ve heard of a digital transformation and want to give it a try.

Your first step is to analyze where you currently stand so you visit your manufacturing floor and talk with your employees asking them how their job could be improved. Someone mentions that the machine they use to make the widgets has recently been upgraded and the new version could improve productivity by 20 percent.

Take a minute to think about what that would mean for your bottom line if you could increase production by ten to twenty percent overnight. That’s the power of harnessing new technology to transform your business. 

Business automation Can

  • Improve workflow
  • Automate manual or repetitive tasks
  • Decreased costs = increased profits
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Increased agility and flexibility

Benefits Of IT Automation

As you can see, a digital transformation is a more holistic approach to your entire organization rather than simply improving your website or moving to the cloud. When you dive into the process in the next section you’ll see that you always start by analyzing your current situation. 

Then you ask yourself a series of questions such as how can we improve this step? Or, is there a better platform that will automate this process or make us more efficient? To truly see a transformation you might start in IT but you’ll use advances in IT to improve the rest of your operations and organization. 

If companies have learned anything from current events they realize that they must remain flexible. Those companies that could operate in an agile manner found it easier to adapt to changes in their work environment from remote working to a decreased workforce. 

Automation is the key to adapting to these changes and coming out ahead in the years to come. 

Six Steps To Improve Your Business Automation Process

The potential of the resources you currently have is exponential

understanding the true cost of technology

Improving processes through automation isn’t new in the twenty-first century. Henry Ford brought mass production to the assembly line in the automotive industry over a hundred years ago. Decades later Toyota brought further automation and efficiency with their Kanban board process. 

Today, automation and transformation projects go hand in hand across all industries. The steps to the process still look similar in today's digital transformation as they did for both Ford and Toyota. As you embark on your digital transformation you'll follow a series of steps: 

  1. Assess your current situation
  2. Determine your end goal for your transformation
  3. Get your team on board
  4. Create your roadmap to follow
  5. Determine your resources
  6. Choose the best upgrade or digitalization based on your processes, team, and resources available


As you can see there isn't a one-size-fits-all digital solution for each business even within the same industry. One manufacturing company will have different goals, resources, and needs than its direct competitor. Your job is to look at the information at hand and determine the best course of action for your organization. 

Automation’s Effect On Jobs

Many of today's employees fear that an automated work environment will put them out of work. The truth is that it won't if they can adapt to the new changes and harness the power of automation to do their jobs better, faster, and more efficiently.

Additionally, with more and more businesses finding it harder to find employees, they're having to ask more of their current team. Improving and updating your process by utilizing available technology is the key to staying competitive in today's market.

The potential of what you can do with the resources you currently have is exponential. Instead of asking your team to work more hours, you're better off asking them how you can equip them with the right equipment or technology to do their job more efficiently.

Many people look at the Netflix and Blockbuster examples as to how new technology can change the face of an entire industry. And while streaming did put Blockbuster out of business, we would challenge that the true digital transformation came when Netflix was able to replace their manual queue with preferred suggestions thanks to AI.

How can you improve your processes through new advances in equipment, technology, and improving capacity? This is where you'll see the greatest transformation within your business. And this is how you'll stay competitive in an ever-changing environment.

Stop Falling Behind The Competition With A Transformation

As you can see, a digital transformation and embracing business automation are the key to staying ahead of the competition. Don't let your manufacturing process become outdated. Take the time to assess your situation and bring your company into the digital age today.

If you're ready for some help finding innovative solutions for your business then reach out to us today. We help businesses like yours everyday and we can help align your business with your IT goals.

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