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IT For Business is good for business

Transform your business

Successful businesses understand technology is an investment which increases the value of their company. IT For Business is not an expense that should be reduced to the lowest cost. It is all about innovation, productivity, and acceptable risk.

ProStratus focuses on our customer’s business first, and their technology second. Their business objectives should drive technology decisions that increase revenue, productivity and security.

Technology Curve

Since every business is different, we developed the Technology Curve to measure our customer’s technology level in four key areas.

The Technology Curve scores:

  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Productivity
  • Transformation


The Technology Curve is a framework of standards and industry best practices that provides an analytical scoring matrix. It weighs technology benefits against your business objectives and provides a technology roadmap for the future.

Best practice technology solutions that every business should implement. Basic 101 protection, security, and procedures to keep your business running smoothly every day.

Protect yourself against business interruptions and reduce downtime. Provide redundancies and a plan against catastrophic failures. Reduce risk and build a strong solid environment.

How can you do more with less? Use technology to work smart, not hard. Increase job satisfaction and amaze your customers with excellent service.

Revolutionize your company by utilizing technology in everything you do. Create new services and revenue streams. Lower overall costs and increase productivity. Distinguish yourself against competitors and become the leader in your industry.

Everything Managed

Remarkable Managed IT Services for Businesses

Managed Security

Firewall Management
Virus Protection
Malware Protection
Intrusion Detection
Managed Backup

Cloud backup solution
Backup monitoring
Cloud Solutions

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Backup
Managed Applications

Office 365 Premium
Hosted applications
IT Solutions

Remote Monitoring/ Management

Help desk - live & chat
24/7 monitoring & alerts
Patch management
Proactive support
Managed Mobility

Remote device support
Device Security
Application deployment
Managed Communi-

Managed VoIP
Managed Internet
WAN Monitoring

Business Automation

Optimizing your employee’s time and production is the quintessential use of technology.

Using technology to increase the bandwidth of employees frees up hours every week and increases job satisfaction. Take the next step and make technology an investment, not an expense.

IT Engineered Automation
Smart Workflows

Smart Workflows

Businesses change and so do smart workflows. Stop wasting time waiting for email responses or scheduling meetings to complete tasks that should take seconds instead of hours.

Make employees more productive and increase job satisfaction by eliminating manual tasks with Smart Workflows.

Database Management

We provide expertise in security, management, and development to generate the information which is key to your business. We turn data into insightful information to unleash the potential of your organization.

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IT For Business - Automation

Database Automation

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