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Business Technology in Dayton, Springfield, Columbus, Miami Valley

Business Technology Curve

It is commonly known that technology is ever-changing, but what is surprising is how fast it has changed. The internet alone has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. According to Internet growth statistics, from the beginning of 1997 to the end of 2017, the internet went from 36 million users to 4,157 million users! The percentage of the population of the world who use the internet jumped from 0.9% to 54.4%! With this change in technology, it is imperative that a business stays on its feet and continues to change with the times. The importance of company vision is more prevalent now than it has ever been: as it relates to Business Technology.

Top 3 Questions to Rate Your Business Technology

To test your company’s vision, you can ask 3 big questions.

  1. business technology strategy meetingDoes my company have a technology vision statement?

This question is incredibly important because without a vision statement, your employees will not know where your company is going. A Business Technology vision statement will help make the future a reality.

  1. Does my company have a CIO on staff?

Business Technology leadership on staff is important to leading the charge for advancement in your business. Without leadership, it can be easy for the vision to fall apart and for no progress to take place.

  1. Do we have online technology to connect to our customers?

Customers are looking to connect with a company online and have resources to access over the internet. It is important for a company to utilize Business Technology to start and continue relationships with customers.

These three questions are just a sample of what ProStratus asks on our technology curve analysis. These questions are specifically used when we analyze the transformation mindset of a company. The transformation section of the tech curve focuses on how utilizing technology can drive a business forward, not just help it along the way.

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