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Reducing Your Exposure to Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks

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With the increasing complexity of modern technology, the potential for malicious actors to target businesses has become greater than ever.

Reducing Your Exposure to Cyber Attacks

Managed IT Security Services

Security is a major concern when it comes to the management of any business’s IT systems. With the increasing complexity of modern technology, reducing your exposure to cyber attacks and the potential for malicious actors to target businesses has become greater than ever. As such, ensuring that your IT security practices are up-to-date and effective is essential to reducing your exposure to cyber-attacks. 

ProStratus Managed IT security Services provide effective solutions to the problem of cyber security, allowing businesses to take proactive steps towards defending themselves against attacks. By leveraging the expertise of a managed IT security provider, you can benefit from highly customized and up to date strategies that protect your systems, data and customers from malicious actors. 

Managed IT security providers can deploy a range of strategies and tools in order to protect your systems from attack. These include the use of firewalls, antivirus software and malware removal services, and more. This article will familiarize you with some of the key concepts in managed IT security so that you can better understand how to reduce your exposure to cyber-attacks. 

What Is A Managed Security Service Provider?

In 2021, 41.8% of all U.S. small businesses were the victim of a cyberattack. Cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up. In-house IT teams may not have the resources to adequately detect and respond to potential threats, leaving businesses vulnerable. 

A managed security service provider (MSSP) is an external organization that provides IT services and solutions to businesses. An MSSP can be hired on a contractual basis to provide services such as network monitoring, malware protection, data backup and recovery, system patching, and more. 

By outsourcing these tasks to an MSSP rather than managing them in-house, businesses can save time and money while reducing their exposure to potential cyber threats. This is because an MSSP can provide up-to-date strategies and tools specifically tailored to your security needs.

Reducing Your Exposure to Cyber Attacks Can Save Thousands To Millions In Down Time, Lost Data And Productivity

For companies that don’t have the resources or expertise to manage their IT security in-house, managed IT security services can provide an effective solution for reducing your exposure to cyber attacks. Data breaches have become a more common occurrence, with more than 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches in 2022 alone. Cybercriminal activity and Crime as a Service (CaaS) are also on the rise, with malicious actors increasingly targeting businesses of all sizes. 

By leveraging the expertise of managed IT security services, you can ensure that your IT security needs are met and reduce your exposure to cyber-attacks. Additionally, managed service providers can provide additional services such as cloud hosting, disaster recovery planning, and more. 

The Benefits of Utilizing the Power of a Managed IT Security Service

Managed IT security services provide businesses with a range of benefits that can help to reduce their exposure to cyber threats. These services are designed to protect your systems and data from malicious actors and help you maintain compliance with various industry regulations. 

With managed IT security, businesses can benefit from the following: 

  • Increased visibility into their network security 
  • Scalability and reduced costs
  • Data compliance reassurance
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring of their systems to identify potential threats 
  • Ongoing maintenance and patching of their IT systems 
  • Regular penetration testing to identify any weak points in your security posture 
  • The ability to quickly respond to new threats as they arise 
  • An increased level of reliability and uptime 

By leveraging the expertise of a managed IT security provider, you can ensure that your systems and data are well protected. This will help to minimize any potential disruption or damage caused by cyber-attacks. 

ProStratus provides top-tier firewall protection to shield your network from unwarranted penetration and access. We ensure that remote sessions can be securely configured via Virtual Private Network (VPN) while all data traffic is guarded against prying eyes or unauthorized access. Moreover, we provide continuous monitoring for the detection of unexpected or high-volume traffic, in addition to other possible signs of attack.

With ProStratus EndPoint Protection, you can be assured of a secure system. This includes personal firewalls on each workstation and server – allowing for tailored permissions that facilitate safe remote access. As an added layer of security, we also blacklist programs and sites that are known threats to your data’s safety.

What is the Role of a Managed Service Provider in Reducing Your Exposure To Cyber Attacks?

Understanding the invaluable benefits of a managed IT security provider is one thing, but how do these providers reduce your exposure to cyber-attacks? In-house managed IT security services can be expensive and take up a lot of resources, while outsourcing to an MSSP allows you to benefit from the expertise and resources of an experienced provider. 

To reduce your company’s exposure to cyber threats, an MSSP can: 

  • Provide up-to-date security strategies and tools that are tailored to specific needs. 
  • Detects malicious activity before it has the chance to wreak havoc on systems. 
  • Ensure regular maintenance of your IT systems to reduce vulnerabilities.  
  • Monitor traffic on your network and block any suspicious activity. 
  • Assist in developing a disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime in the event of an attack. 

The managed IT security services offered by ProStratus are designed to protect your systems from any potential threats that may arise. Our experts work diligently to ensure your data remains safe while providing expert advice and guidance when needed. 

Providing round-the-clock monitoring of your systems, patching any vulnerabilities as they are identified and responding quickly to any threats, and providing ongoing maintenance and updates for your IT systems, ProStratus can reduce any potential risks associated with cyber attacks. Here’s how it works:

Utilizing Active Intrusion Detection

Our system monitors your network’s behavior and traffic to accurately assess what is usual and what deviates from the norm. We remain aware of threat alerts from various sources, including the U.S. government, so we are always informed about current global events. With our advanced baseline activity analysis tools, any aberrant changes in your networks will be immediately detected. Detecting malicious activity before it can cause major damage is key to reducing your exposure to cyber attacks. 

Security Network Operation Center

Our Security Network Operation Center provides a secure environment that is constantly monitored and managed. Any suspicious traffic or activities are immediately identified, reported, and blocked, so you can rest assured that your network remains safe. 

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the fight against cybercrime. ProStratus leverages AI to identify and respond to threats as they occur, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve in terms of security while quickly addressing any anomalies that may arise. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are beneficial in identifying active threats, but they cannot catch every sophisticated threat. 

As a managed security service provider (MSSP), we understand the importance of internet, PC, and wireless security – that’s why our Security NOC is staffed with certified professionals who can detect potential dangers and distinguish what is real from background noise. Allow us to provide you with around-the-clock IT security services; rest assured, our experts will be on hand to protect your business 24/7.

Patching Vulnerabilities

Our managed IT security service also provides regular patching and updating of your systems. We understand the importance of regularly updating software and will always ensure that you are running the latest versions. By ensuring all patches are applied on time, we can reduce any potential risks associated with cyber attacks. 

Patching vulnerabilities can leave some companies exposed to attack, but our experts can detect any discrepancies and gaps between the installed patches. We can develop smart strategies to protect your systems and fill in any of these gaps, reducing your exposure to cyber attacks

To avert a major IT security risk, businesses must stay on top of system upgrades and updates. That’s why we offer our services to monitor and apply all the necessary patches swiftly to ensure optimal protection for your systems and infrastructure equipment. 

IT Security Software and Tools

While most companies rely on antivirus software for computer protection, the real issue lies in proper management and security vigilance. The updates may be left unapplied or expired, while users can accidentally or intentionally remove any safety tools – leaving them exposed. Thus, it is vital to ensure that all antivirus programs are up-to-date and monitored regularly. 

Utilizing centralized management for your business ensures that all operations are closely monitored and compliance is enforced amongst the whole user base. With daily notifications alerting the team of any potential issues or risks, you can rest assured that your network is secure. Ensure to include virus protection, malware software, anti-spyware, and web filtering tools as an extra layer of defense against malicious attacks on company data.

Dark Web Monitoring

At ProStratus, we also provide dark web monitoring for our customers. This service monitors your company’s information and data on the dark web to ensure that it is not in the wrong hands or used without your consent. 

Our cutting-edge technology studies the surface, deep and dark web to identify any potential risks associated with your business. You’ll be immediately informed if any of your domain credentials appear on the dark web so you can take quick action and switch those exposed details to reduce further exposure.

Phishing Campaigns

Phishing is still one of the most common types of cyber attacks and is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Our team provides phishing campaign simulations to ensure your staff is prepared in the event of an attack. 

This includes testing their knowledge about recognizing fraudulent emails and malicious links or attachments. With our help, you’ll better understand how susceptible your company is to phishing emails and other scams.

For a savvy and prepared team, strategic education is key. We offer targeted phishing simulations to identify the people most likely to click on malicious emails. This informs you of users who are potentially more vulnerable and helps you to identify any weak spots which can be improved.

Security Assessments

ProStratus Security Assessment gives you a comprehensive report card for your business. It covers everything from password safety to firewall management, providing an overall risk score and detailed breakdowns of 20 security areas. 

Our assessment also offers recommendations and actions designed to secure your users and network, and the entire company. Monitoring status over time will help you identify risk areas and ensure that all security policies are up-to-date and properly structured.

Managed network security services are our focus. The industry is moving quickly, and staying up-to-date with all the managed security system options is tough. Maintaining everything from Internet security software, firewall software, and managed hosting with a mobile environment is almost impossible for most IT staff. Our security company does the work for you.

Is It Cost-Effective to Outsource IT Security? 

The cost of in-house IT Security staff can be expensive, and you may end up with a team that is not adequately trained or the right size. Outsourcing managed IT security is an affordable way to get the same protection and monitoring services without the large upfront cost. 

Outsourcing to an experienced managed security provider is one way to reduce costs while adding expertise. In doing so, you will have access to our cyber-security knowledge and resources, such as penetration testing and threat analysis, which may be too costly for you to employ in-house.

Setting up and managing an in-house IT security department can be expensive and difficult to maintain. When it comes to IT service costs, there is a wide range of prices that small businesses tend to pay. The upfront and annual investment for in-house IT security staff can be much higher than outsourcing your managed IT security to a third-party provider.

If your business is impacted by a data breach or other cyber incident, the financial toll can be extreme: recent research estimates that the ordinary cost of such an event to small businesses ranges from $120,000 all the way up to $1.24 million.

Companies can spend a fortune on an in-house IT security team, from training, certifications, and salaries, to the cost of hardware and software, only to find that their staff cannot keep up with the pace of change in the ever-evolving cyberspace. By outsourcing your managed IT security needs, you can reduce costs and allocate your money more efficiently to other business activities. 

With ProStratus, you get the same managed IT security without the overhead costs. Our team provides cutting-edge solutions to protect your business from cyber threats while providing expertise and guidance on securely managing your system. With our help, you can rest assured that your digital assets are safe.

The complexities of today’s networks are enormous, so ensuring that the right security measures and protocols are in place is essential. With constantly evolving technology comes new threats-which means that traditional methods of protection can no longer keep up with the pace. This is where ProStratus comes in. 

Our role is to help you mitigate risk and reduce your exposure to cyber-attacks. We provide comprehensive managed IT security solutions, from dark web monitoring to phishing campaigns and security assessments. 

Managed IT security is an efficient and cost-effective way to protect your business from cyber threats. With the right team and up-to-date security software, you can ensure your company data is safe, reliable, and secure. From dark web monitoring to patching equipment, our managed services provide a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique needs.

Final Thoughts On Reducing Your Exposure to Cyber Attacks

Managed IT security helps businesses reduce their exposure to cyber-attacks and protect their digital assets. It is an essential component of a secure system but can be time-consuming and expensive when done in-house.  

By outsourcing your managed IT security needs to ProStratus, you can get the same protection and monitoring services for a fraction of the cost. Contact us today to learn more about our managed IT security solutions. 


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