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August 28, 2017
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Technology Trends Must Haves

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If your business is still operating with independent silos, it’s time to open things up and have a little fun at the same time.  Humans are social.  It brings out the best in us. And you’ll end up with a ton of great ideas that move your business forward. It all starts with communication. In this article we are going to examine several of the top Technology Trends your business can benefit from.

Top 3 Technology Trends

1. Skype

Perfect for weekly staff meetings, customer presentations, and training.  You don’t need expensive video conferencing equipment anymore.  You just need a computer or mobile phone and Skype to get everyone together – regardless of location. There is no doubt why Skype is first on the list of Technology Trends.

2. SharePoint

Finally, one place to manage team projects and schedules, share and store documents and photos, assign tasks with the entire team through various applications.  Get everyone on the same page even if they are not in the same room – or building! SharePoint is a great tool, that can benefit your business.

3. One Drive

Most people waste hours each week just tracking down files or finding the information they need.  Not anymore. OneDrive gives you easy cloud storage from anywhere.  You can share documents with others with a click of a button.  Never lose another document again.

Technology Trends ProStratus tipsYou can complete all of these Technology Trends all in single day and at a low cost.

Collaboration and teamwork are the new way of the world in business, especially for millennials.  Gone are the days of the office hero putting the business on their backs and charging up the hill solo style.  Teams are more creative, productive, and quite honestly just more fun than working endless hours independently. Stay connected with us to keep up to date for more Technology Trends in the future.

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