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February 28, 2018
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Cyber Attack Protection Tips

Preventing a Cyber Attack

Your business probably has a plan and process for a fire or tornado, but does it have a procedure for an IT crisis? How prepared is your company for a cyber attack? Or a data loss? Have your employees been trained on best practices regarding technology security? Do you have policies? Do you act on those policies? Have you really even thought through an emergency plan for your technology? Most likely not – most small business owners haven’t.

Cyber Attack Facts

60% of hacked small companies go out of business in six months. Will you be one of them?

And maybe you’re thinking the threat is external, but you’d be wrong. Most of the threats are internal –

  • your employees could unsuspectingly click on a phishing email and in seconds your network is filled with a virus.
  • they could leave their mobile devices out and unlocked in public, granting a thief the key in to now unsecured data, financial and personnel records.
  • your employees (or you!) could have passwords on sticky notes on their desk or computer, compromising your company.

Cyber Attack Data to Ponder*

  • In 2015 85% of organizations reported to have suffered from phishing attacks
  • 47% of businesses have been hit with ransomware.
  • There are 17,232 new viruses created every day.

We’ve put together a 20 point check list to get you going on creating your company’s cyber security emergency preparedness plan. To make it even easier, give us a call! We’re more than happy to help you create a personalized protection plan against  a Cyber Attack on your business.

Feel free to also view our IT Support Plans, to find out how our  Tech Support  can help you avoid a cyber attack.

*Sources: McAfee, Trend Micro, Kasperksy, Cloudberry Labs