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May 21, 2018
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July 9, 2018

Cloud Computing – 3 Advantages

Cloud Computing at ProStratus, your managed service provider

What even is the Cloud anyway? A basic explanation of the Cloud is that the files you have on your devices are stored, and with the Cloud, instead of storing your files on your computer, they are stored somewhere else! Now, the files are not actually stored in a Cloud, that was just the name people gave it. The “Cloud” is a bunch of servers in a warehouse type building where the files can be safely stored. Here at ProStratus, we strongly believe in the power of Cloud Computing. Believing in the Cloud is a large reason why we came up with the name “ProStratus.” What can Cloud Computing do for your business?

Here are three incredible advantages of utilizing Cloud Computing in your business.

  1. Cloud ComputingCloud backup is extremely reliable and useful. Rik Ferguson, a security manager for Trend Micro, states that the internet is not one single system reliant on a single connection. It is inconceivable to imagine the Cloud disappear or for the whole Cloud to crash.
  2. Utilizing the Cloud ensures access to your files from anywhere. Because the Cloud is an off-campus system of servers, you can access the Cloud wherever you have access to the internet! Employees can access the files that they need to work from wherever, whenever.
  3. Your documents are more secure in the Cloud. Cloud servers are housed in warehouses offsite and away from most employees and are heavily guarded. Also, the data within the servers is encrypted.

At ProStratus, we offer Cloud coverage with Microsoft Office 365. We believe in having a reliable backup that is useful for our customers and is very safe. We want our clients to know they are covered and can work from anywhere. That is why we use Cloud storage at our business and we recommend it to all of our customers as well. To learn more about Cloud Computing, contact us today!