ProStratus is continually searching for talented, energetic, and highly motivated individuals for the areas of operations, tech support, customer services, and engineering. We look for people who can step up to a challenge, and who are willing to put forward the effort needed to succeed. People who can focus on achieving goals rather than meeting a job schedule, and who are capable of setting their own priorities and goals independently. In essence, we are looking for individuals who can become key personnel at ProStratus.


We are ProStratus and we want to Elevate Your Technology to such a level that you do not have to worry about it anymore. We have been in the tech support business since 1992 and are proud of serving businesses greater Miami Valley, from our headquarters located in Springfield, OH.

We weren’t always named ProStratus, though. This was a strategic move, since we believe in the power of the cloud. The cloud is hardly floating like mist above our heads — it’s a physical infrastructure, housing computers in facilities all over the world. Business is migrating away from expensive, hard to maintain, local servers & networks to cloud based solutions.

Who are these cloud lovers?

ProStratus owners, Tony Cooper, Kevin Schleinitz & Craig Terrell have a combined 60 years of IT and data center experience and have put together a team of amazing talent and intellect to provide our customers with top-notch tech support and solutions. Their history includes Computer Free America, CFA Networks, and Qbase.

excel Tech Support


Tech Support succeed


Tech Support impacted



To Elevate Technology so
our customers EXCEL,
our employees SUCCEED,
our community is IMPACTED.


Being tireless in exceeding customer expectations.

Serving customers in a professional and courteous manner.

Transforming business with resourceful, knowledgeable, innovative solutions.

Treating employees like family.

Creating a culture of excellence where people can do their best.

Building a sustainable business through trust and communication.

Giving back to those less fortunate.

Influencing new lasting ideas and overcoming barriers.

Leading by example and generating hope for the future generation.


Creating a legacy by being the region's number one transformation technology business.