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Managed Security. Because Standard Tools Don’t Really Work.

Active Intrusion Detection

Active Intrusion Detection

Cyber-security live monitoring 24/7
Detection and Monitoring
Analyze threats in real time

Security NOC

Security NOC

Network Operation Center
Certified Security IT Professionals
24/7 Security Monitoring

Dark Web

Dark Web

Monitoring stolen credentials
Immediate notification of threats
Protect confidential customer records



Automatic patching on servers
Automatic patching on workstations
Security updates
Firewall management

Security Tools

Security Tools

Web Filtering
Virus Protection
Malware, Spam, Spyware Protection
Automatic updates

Security Assessments

Security Assessments

Monthly security reports
Password management
Security risk score
Vulnerabilities & Threats
Action items and recommendations

Managed Security Solutions To The Rescue

Gone are the days where small businesses could hide like a needle in a hay stack. Piracy, digital theft, and the dark web marketplace are big business, and small businesses are easy targets. Think you are safe because you have a firewall or a tool with intrusion detection? Not enough. Not even close. Recently, we spun up a cloud server, and we were getting penetration tests from outside forces within 20 minutes. Wait, what – 20 minutes? Yes, they can find you that fast now.  Most business owners don’t want to even think about it. For them, there are too many other things to worry about and spending more money on something they can’t see, such cyber security, is sometimes a tough decision.

At What Cost?

How much is network security management worth to your organization? Start by answering these three questions:

  • How much would your reputation be damaged if your customer data was stolen or breached?
  • Would you pay a $5K or $10K ransom if your data was encrypted?
  • How much would it cost your company if you were off-line for 48 hours?

Without a network security management plan, one of these is highly likely to happen to your business.

Our approach provides additional IT security services to help prevent costly business interruptions. Our services can be fully deployed for small businesses or used as an outsourced security solution package for large companies with an existing IT department. We have customers from 5-users to 1,000+ users – our security suite solution is scalable as well as affordable.

Active Intrusion Detection   

Our system monitors your network and traffic patterns to understand what is normal and what is different. We monitor threat alerts from several feeds, including the U.S. government, so we understand what is happening in the world. Any anomalies on your networks will be detected based on baseline activity by analyzing threats in real-time. Without active intrusion detection, most threats go undetected or might not be discovered for months after the damage is already done.

Security Network Operation Center

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) certainly have their place in detecting active threats. However, solely having rule-based algorithms can’t catch all the new sophisticated threats. After all, what good is a tool that sends constant false alerts? After a while, people tend to just ignore them.  We are a managed security service provider (MSSP) trained in Internet, PC, and wireless security. That’s why we provide a full staff of security experts in a Security NOC. In our NOC, certified experienced professionals monitor potential threats and determine what is real and what is noise. Rest assured that our security IT professionals are operating 24/7 providing your IT security service.


Computers need constantly updated to maintain security. Every week vendors, like Microsoft, publish their vulnerabilities and drop patches to fix them. Lack of patching management is like freely advertising to the world that you are open to all kinds of security threats. “Here, attack my vulnerability!” Of course, bad guys pick up the published vulnerabilities and write code to exploit them. Users without the applied patches are easy targets – just ask the 2+ million hit by Melissa and WannaCry. Most businesses aren’t up to date with patches and firmware for their systems and infrastructure equipment. We monitor and apply all your patches in a timely manner to avoid this huge IT security risk.

IT Security Tools

Most businesses are running some type of antivirus software for PC security. The real issue is management and security monitoring. Sometimes the updates are not being applied or have expired. Other times users can delete or remove security tools knowingly or unknowing – leaving them unprotected. Centralized management is the key to monitor the entire organization and to manage compliance from all the users. Daily checks and alerts will notify management of any compliance issues and help keep the network safe. Tools should include virus protection, malware, spam, spyware protection, and web filtering.

Dark Web Monitoring

It’s a scary world out there. The dark web is like the evil eBay where credentials are sold to the highest bidder. That is just the beginning of your problems. ProStratus will monitor the dark web so you don’t have to. If and when any of your domain credentials are listed on the dark web, you are alerted. Time to take action and change the breached credentials to limit any additional exposure.

Phishing Campaigns

In this email centric time we live in, sending fake emails to users to gain access and steal data is running rampant. It takes diligence to stop and prevent this type of security threat – it really is an external threat that is naively invited in by companies’ employees. Therefore, training all your users is the best defense.  A smart workforce takes some well-developed and strategic education. We provide specifically crafted phishing campaigns to determine which users are most susceptible to clicking on fraudulent email. A dashboard helps track which users open, click, or input data into the fake emails we send out. Training sessions are pushed out to targeted users that educate them on how to better identify bogus emails and avoid compromises. The end result is a well-informed, front line of protection.

Security Assessments

A ProStratus Security Assessment is like a big report card for your company. It covers everything from password management to firewall management. We provide an overall security risk score and breakdown 20 different areas for security. It includes recommendations and actions to secure your users, network, and business. The security assessment is an ongoing reporting tool to provide the best Internet security.  A one-time report is nice, but since your network changes every day you need a tool that can monitor your status over time. It’s become one of our customers’ favorite requested features.

 MSSP Security

Managed network security services are our focus. The industry is moving quickly, and it is tough to stay up-to-date with all the managed security system options. Maintaining everything from Internet security software, firewall software, managed hosting, with a mobile environment, is almost impossible for most IT staffs. Our security company does the work for you.

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Security Challenges

It’s tough to be an expert in everything, especially when it comes to security.  Security cuts through every IT discipline from workstations to firewalls.  Most customers just don’t have the bandwidth to manage security in order to stay in front of the bad guys out there.  The playing field is always moving, plus stealing data and credential is a huge business.  Competing against organized crime and rogue nations is daunting.  You might have it solved today but tomorrow brings new challenges.  It just takes one mistake, and you have a major security breach on your hands.

Outsource to the Experts: Managed Security Service Provider   

Better to outsource your security solutions to group of security fanatics that have the experience, time, and expertise to manage this ever-changing landscape.  The best tools, procedures, monitoring, and detection can be implemented for the most up-to-date protection which will allow your team to work on more strategic initiatives.  Think of it as an extension of your existing staff.  You now have a team of security experts working hard for your business to ensure you are protected.

Future of MSSP

Since we have to stay one step ahead of the bad guys, it can be hard for us to answer that question with certainty.  What works today will clearly not work tomorrow.  What we do know is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will certainly have their place as we move forward.  Both AI and ML will monitor your operation, servers, networks’ traffic and get an understanding of what is normal and what is different.  This type of monitoring makes it easier for your MSSP to identify potential threats after determining your established baseline pattern.

Proactive Intrusion Detection

Matching known threats to your local network environment is a critical line of defense.  We subscribe to multiple threat sharing feeds including the Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) from Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  This allows for the exchange of cyber threat indicators between the U.S. government and the private section with seconds.  Malicious IP addresses or phishing email addresses can be shared at machine speed.  Proactive intrusion detection means we are already looking for those specific threats before they hit your network.  Our utilizing multiple threat sharing feeds means we are in tune with the global pulse.  In this fast changing global threat, rules-based managed firewalls or intrusion detection solutions just can’t offer the same real-time protection that our security package utilizes.

Our managed security service support packages are design to operate on top of your existing network infrastructure.   Our packages compliment your existing tools, solutions, and support staff.  We frequently work alongside your current IT staff or managed service provider to provide the security component.  The packages are sized by the number of devices (IP) on your network for a flat monthly which makes budgeting easy.  We are always adding new updates. Here is what is included currently:


ProStatus Managed Security

  • Active Intrusion Detection
  • Security Network Operation Center
  • Patching
  • IT Security Tools
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Phishing Campaigns
  • Security Assessments

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