Secure File Sharing & Mobile Access

Access to your work files anywhere

HIPAA Compliant – Remote Workforce – Simple to Use

Easy Remote Access – No VPN Required

More and more employees are working from home. Productivity plummets when remote workers waste time looking for data files or fight through technical issues connecting with their secure VPN. Most remote workers just want everything to work like it does in the office.

Security is paramount for any business. After all, we can’t leave the door open for the bad guys to get in too. Usually a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required to establish the connection between the users’ home and corporate network. This forces remote users to interact with two different interfaces. They must login with the VPN and then navigate the corporate networks. In theory this works great, until it doesn’t.

Why does it have to be so complicated?

It doesn’t – you now have a solution!  You can securely access your files remotely without a VPN, just like from the office.  Best yet, it is secure and easy.


  • Easy for remote users to access files anywhere
  • Increases productivity and collaboration
  • Reduces wasted time and lowers frustration
  • Centralized management for files and folder shares
  • Instant access at a low price point
  • Eliminates the need to maintain old servers

How It Works

Cloud File Management, Cloud IT Services

Managed File Sync & Share


Meeting Your Anywhere Access Needs

Key Features

  • Shared Folders

    Provides a Dropbox or OneDrive experience, but follows NTFS so permissions are managed and don’t have to be duplicated or managed separately.
  • Mapped Drives

    See all your files mapped just like your corporate network.  Most users don’t even notice a difference.
  • Active Directory Integration

    You can integrate Active Directory natively as the center piece of user identity management. No duplication of user identity, nor is merging identity required; the Active Directory is the only place to manage users’ Direct File Server Integration.
  • File Sharing

    The solution is enterprise ready. Companies as big as having 250K+ employees are using the solution to allow employees to access, share and sync company files and documents – while maintaining security and control under the company’s IT department. It has multiple group policy items to control file and folder sharing behavior.
  • Team Collaboration-Friendly

    Team folders with version control and file locking make it ideal for team collaboration. Team folder can also be converted directly from existing network share, with all the existing Active Directory identity preserved. Team folder has flexible permission control on top of existing NTFS permission control.
  • Easy Management

    Simple, powerful administration web portal for managing users, policies, devices and team collaboration. In addition to web portal, there is also PowerShell and LabTech plugin integration to ease the management work, and provide capability to plugin into service provider’s existing management framework.
  • Mobile Friendly

    The web portal file manager is designed for both desktop computing and mobile computing. Native mobile clients include those for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
    Secure and Compliant.

Security and Compliance

Compliance with internal security requirements or regulatory standards like HIPAA, FINRA, Sarbanes Oxley and more.  Provide auditing, security and control needed for regulatory compliance.

  •  Auditing for Compliance
    An important component of compliance is the ability to record the Who, What, When, and How attributes of every user action within the system. Admins can easily search and filter logs to identify incidents.
  •  Security
    Uses industry best-practices, tools and strong encryption techniques to securely store and transmit data. Furthermore, its three tiered architecture can be deployed entirely on-premise.
  •  Two-Factor Authentication
    Provides an additional layer of logon security using security codes sent via existing channels.
  •  Enterprise Security Audits
    Large enterprise customers have performed extensive security audits which have led to successful, secure deployments and advanced features like token-based authentication on mobile devices with expiring, revokable tokens, and certificate pinning.
  •  Data-at-Rest Encryption and Secure SSL Transmission
    Before transmission through a secure SSL connection, data is encrypted using AES-256 bit encrpytion. Encryption keys are private for each enterprise, even in a multi-tenant deployment.
  •  Revoking Access Rights
    Allows admins to revoke the access rights of specific devices, clients and users.
  •  Remote Wipe
    Allows admins to remotely wipe corporate information from a lost or stolen mobile device, maintain confidentiality.
  •  Information Leakage and Security
    Information leakage occurs when sensitive business data gets into the wrong hands. CentreStack’s on-premise deployment addresses threats of third party services, but the platform goes further to prevent information leakage by protecting business data across all devices.