Service Bundles

Mix and match services for your business

Pick the services you need. You’re the customer. Partner not replace.

B&W managed security

Managed Security

• Firewall management
• Virus protection
• Malware protection
• Intrusion detection
B&W virus

Remote Monitoring and Management

• Help desk – live & chat
• 24/7 monitoring & alerts
• Patch management
• Proactive support
B&W managed mobility

Managed Mobility

• Remote device support
• Security
• Application deployment
B&W managed backup

Managed Backup

• Cloud backup solution
• Backup monitoring
B&W managed applications

Managed Applications

• Office 365 Premium
• Email
• Hosted applications
B&W managed communications

Managed Communications

• Managed VoIP
• Managed Internet
• WAN monitoring

Free up your internal staff from mundane everyday tasks to focus on strategic initiatives. We are here to partner and streamline your operation, not replace your on-site staff. Utilizing the latest tools, our experienced staff will provide top-level support at a low, fixed budget price. Partner with ProStratus to supplement your in-house support for a comprehensive cost effective solution.



Cost of Technology

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